Historic Grider Field

Why do pilots prefer

Pine Bluff Regional Airport?

At the intersection of several major interstate highways, Pine Bluff is perfectly positioned to be your air-to-ground gateway to Little Rock and Southeast Arkansas. For example, Little Rock is just a short 50-minute drive on new interstate pavement. The final ground leg of your passengers’ trip will be as smooth and carefree as their flight.

Plus, expenses associated with airport use are considerably lower at Pine Bluff. There are no landing fees and our fuel prices are much lower than Little Rock and very competitive with other FBOs in the region.

Last but not least, Pine Bluff pampers pilots! We offer a full array of pilot services, including courtesy cars, a comfortable lounge, quiet room, flight planning room and well-appointed conference room with state-of-the-art electronics.

Explore what Pine Bluff has to offer pilots and passengers!


★★★★★“This place was an absolute delight to visit. Super polite staff, nice facilities, and reasonable fuel prices. There is even a restaurant on the field if you come around lunchtime. I was enroute from FL to KS awhile back. I enjoyed it so much I made a point to stop here again on the way back to FL. Highly recommend.”

– Jerry B., August 19, 2018